I would like to describe a warrior of light using these words: a warrior makes us think of an experienced fighter radiating strength, being well-muscled, wearing a suitable outfit, carrying various weapons…..in the text the word light symbolizes goodness, a better tomorrow…in this way the contemporary statues combining these descriptions are made. The abstract single parts illustrate muscles, flexibility, body movement, the blade and internal research related to the nature and the people who surround me.

Description of the sculpture "We two Warriors", 2009, today infront of Basilic of Aquileia, Italy.


Damjan Komel's sculpture has a precise guiding thread. For him in fact art is born from man's need to approach and integrate with nature, to show his feelings, not just survival. Man is seen as a warrior fighting for five fundemental elements: food, house, love, family, and his position in society.

Today, according to Damjan, there are not arms, but words to protect these objectives. "We two Warriors" is a summary of this concept. It is an abstraction of the confrontation between man and nature, material and spirit, actual and ideal united at the vital centre, eternal becoming. And we are the warriors, with sumptous clothes, like priests fashioned, created and formed to use the head and the word as arms of defense. Dott. Piera Sgiarovello