BushEND is the title of my first project - an attempt not only to use art to criticize bad political moves , but also an answer- an action to help the most vulnerable ones, i.e. children in need.

The installation bushEND is my diploma work at Famul Stuart school. With this installation I wanted to protest against any wars and all forms of violence. So far, not a single war has solved the problem of political greed to rule. Each war has brought poverty, famine, and mostly orphans. It is our duty to help children in need, and our biggest gift given to them for a better tomorrow.

As an artist working on this project, I was wondering whether anybody could put an end to war, or who would today be able to bring an end to Bush's actions. It is difficult to find the answer in the real world, so the fairyland seemed to be the answer. I called for help an invisible army of dwarf caps called a bushEND: one thousand of invisible warriors fighting against the invisible enemy. I have collected 1000 dwarf caps, symbols of something good, as well as safety and a big smile. 1000 dwarf caps mean a welcome to the new millennium, in which all wars may stop.

Anyone buying this cap help abolish wars all over the world. But how? Anybody looking at this red cap is struck by a good idea and makes a wish: no wars, no famine, no starvation, and there should be at least one child's smile more. Everyone should put a dwarf cap to a visible place in the house, office, park etc. and anytime they look at it, they should think: "As a present I wish to give another smile". Everybody decides to give, if he or she gets something in return. In this way the dwarf cap becomes a symbol in every home and its owner's pride as they can donate another smile.

The money raised by selling the dwarf caps was donated to the Paediatric Clinic Fund in Ljubljana and in july 2006 to the Pediatric Clinic of Stara gora near by Nova Gorica.