A bollard is used for mooring ships in a port. In the local dialect of the Slovenian littoral region Primorska the word has a double meaning. On one hand it means a bollard, on the other it means "I'd like to, I wanna…." A ship is said to be the safest when moored in a harbour.
I wonder when and how to moor our ship of life to be firmly tied in the harbour of our life? Everybody should find a way to be safely anchored. The Slovenians, are said to have at least two bollards, i.e. having the most beautiful house in the neighbourhood, and a better car than our neighbours.

But what are my bollards? It often occurs pictures start moving in my mind after hearing a certain sound or seeing an object, and unrepeatable and unique stories appear on my memory screen. As such, they have become a precious record of my soul.

Gasolina, te gusta gasolina? There is a Caribbean song on air, and pictures start moving quicker and quicker, bringing back power and memories. She is out of sight.
I open the little inner box of my spirit and set my memories free.
Sweet memorable nights, sunsets and curls of flower scent sliding under fingers, for the story to be burnt in the inner reflection of my soul. "Bitel" - I would like.

Bitel - I would like to search again for my safe heaven, I would like to search for a ladder of gold to climb to my starlet, I would like to read a record of golden words, I would like to bite a golden apple, I would like to taste a cup of Dominican coffee, I would like to sow golden grains, I would like to build a golden tower, I would like to seek after the key to unlock every door, I would like to………..bitel.